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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still as much an art as it is a science. That’s why our SEO programs are designed for people who care about their organization’s marketing approach, not just its technical execution.

Can we tell you a story?

Our Client is a technology company in California

They had a huge challenge. Their pages suddenly disappeared from Google and they were not ranking for anything they had been in the previous months and even years. Solstice Digital was engaged because the client’s marketing team was baffled at the sudden drop in their traffic.

Their world-renowned software and solutions couldn’t be found from search engine queries, so their audience wasn’t finding them. They were missing out on opportunities to reach potential customers and undoubtedly losing them to their competitors.

They needed to find a way to solve the issue as quickly as possible, and found our agency blog when they put in a search for the keywords “SEO emergency.” 

Our plan came together, and we can do it for you too!

We ran a technical SEO audit and diagnosed what caused them to drop from Google. We were able to very quickly address issues that would only have been clear to people who are trained in search engine optimization.  The site had terrible site speed on both desktop and mobile which is a major ranking factor.

 When we solved those issues we improved the desktop site speed score by  294.74% (from 19 to 75)!

Another challenge was high-risk backlinks to their site. We disavowed spammy links, and then did fresh keyword research and rewrote their tags and content based on the research. We also began link building. With informational content they had on their site and the work we did to address their issues, Google rewarded us!

When this entire plan was implemented the results were INSANE.

The results were impressive. Comparing December and January vs. March and April we had 262.27% increase in organic traffic. Their main keywords are now ranking higher than ever before. 

The image above represents the Google Analytics Organic Traffic.
*These results are not guaranteed. SEO results can happen slowly or quickly, and there are many factors that affect success.

We are ready for you if you are...

  • Looking to get on the first page of Google organically
  • Looking to get more qualified traffic to your website
  • Willing to work with us as we learn your goals and what makes your business unique
  • Not getting the right keywords to rank for your company and want to change it up
  • Committed to great results and know that it will take at least 3 months to start seeing them
  • Ready to partner with us and your web team (we can help if you don’t have one!) to fix the SEO issues we find in our audits
  • Open to pivoting and trying different strategies regardless of what you may have heard or read works for your colleagues and/or competition
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