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Meet our professionals. We all have turning points in our lives. Learn how members of our team met their Solstice Moments and how a turn of events in their lives gave them the clarity and resolve to help guide your business to its Solstice Moment and success.

Tamara Robb

Founder and President

I had a Solstice Moment early in my career at an informational interview in 1996 with Ralph Katz at Burson Marstellar. I was hoping to learn what tips he could share about how to get into the agency world. Little did I know that he and his colleague Andy Cooper were planning to form their own agency. Less than a month later I became the official first hire at CooperKatz & Company. Those early days trained me well, not just for agency life, but to be an entrepreneur – how to create your own world to help the businesses you serve in entirely special ways. 

My most recent Solstice Moment is this one: recognizing that in 2020 digital marketing became more important than ever before and that to succeed, each business must reach its own Solstice Moment. Solstice Digital Agency can make that happen.

Tamara is the founder and energetic leader of Solstice Digital. As Chief Strategist she has been in digital marketing for 25 years bringing a tremendous level of passion to each client engagement. She believes strongly in volunteer work and paying it forward with a few pro bono projects each year. Tamara also is committed to developing young talent and is proud of the internship program at Solstice. She is a proud alumna of Douglass College at Rutgers University and Gamma Phi Beta Sorority.

Don Seckler

Senior SEO & PPC Director

I was working in the magazine business as the internet came to life in the mid-1990s. At the time I was responsible for generating magazine subscriptions via direct marketing. As I began working on websites and driving traffic to them, I had a Solstice Moment when I realized that digital marketing was the future of marketing with all the same basic tenets but greater reach and more excitement. To this day, I still employ those first principles but with more meaningful and dynamic results.

Don has over 25 years of experience in traditional direct response marketing. He has also been a digital marketer since the beginning. One of the first in the industry to master the use of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Ads, Don is also our standout SEO expert. 

Natalia Prakhina

Digital Marketing Project Manager

I am very grateful that my human journey has brought me to so many unique discoveries. After University, I worked as a Project Manager in Information Technology and Digital Media but then, I owned and operated an Organic Vegetable Farm. My Solstice Moment happened when I went back into Project Management and interviewed for Solstice Digital. I knew from the company’s name alone, because it also has symbolic meaning for me, that I would fit right in.

Mariah Russo

Web and Graphic Designer

I have always loved art and design. Soon after starting my B.S. in marketing, my university announced a new program in social media marketing. Halfway through my first year of college, I decided to enroll in the program. Little did I know at the time that this was my Solstice Moment. By my junior year, as the importance of social media continued to grow, I found myself interning at a digital marketing agency, where I began work in social media management. During that time, I gained enough knowledge to start freelancing for individuals and companies looking for assistance with their social media. These are the opportunities that brought me to my current role at Solstice Digital Agency, where I get to practice my love for art and design in my everyday work and help businesses reach their Solstice Moments.

Art and design, web design, image creation – these are the aesthetics that drive messages home for clients, and making this happen is Mariah’s chosen mission.

Samantha Driscoll

Digital Marketing Assistant

My Solstice Moment happened earlier than I expected. Back in 2015, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in going into college but then I remembered going into my dad’s workplace for take your child to work day and I remembered something that I really enjoyed. We did a marketing project when I was only 9 years old where we had to design a poster and perform a commercial/presentation on a medication that cures a disease (in our case we had medication for malaria). It stuck with me ever since and it only got stronger once technology advanced.

Samantha graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a minor in Interactive Multimedia. She is the Digital Marketing Assistant at Solstice Digital Agency. She helps the agency with administrative support, finance support, sales assistance, and social media creation.

Beverly Stacy

IA and Web Dev Partner

Sometimes the right moment is in your future. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to work in technology, but the internet of my early youth was not anywhere near what it is today. I recall having an email address in college with no one to email. And then it all changed in a nanosecond. Fast forward a decade and the World Trade Towers vanished and so did my job. Grateful to still be alive, I had my Solstice Moment without even realizing it. Something told me I had to stop programming websites, become a leader, and manage a team of programmers. We’ve grown our developer team to more than twenty programmers, project managers and developer managers. It made me understand that it takes a team of people who enjoy working together to make clients stand up and cheer. That was my real Solstice Moment. 

The best managers are those with hands-on experience. Know-how is an intangible quality on display every day in how web development partner Beverly manages her team, understands the client, and makes on-target deliveries happen for Solstice Digital.

Allison Alexander

Copywriter & Photographer

The solstice is a turning point – a term from Astronomy – so it is perfectly meaningful that my Solstice Moment happened in the sky. I had just lost my sister. My mom had recently passed away from cancer, and I had lost my father when I was 20, so I was left alone, not only to grieve but to manage the family affairs. When things were behind me, in a sense (grieving never leaves), I set out to fulfill a lifelong dream – a trip to Italy. I found myself in the iconic city of Venice with one overwhelming desire – to see the sunset over the Rialto Bridge. Maybe recent events had made me feel vulnerable, but the choppy waters around the boat that would take me to this site made me hesitate. I decided to walk instead – a significant distance – but my fast-stepped pace got me there before the boat. I was rewarded with the most stunning sunset I had ever seen. The sun was enormous. A vivid shade of magenta painted the sky. It made me feel independent and happy at that moment, capable of doing anything. I carry that feeling with me when working on your projects at Solstice Digital Agency.

Photography and copywriting have this in common – they both tell stories. Allison delivers these two arts for Solstice Digital’s clients, gracing their websites, social media ads, and other forms of outreach.

Dean Robb, Phd

Senior Copywriter

I have had more than one Solstice Moment, but the one that stands out came while facing a mid-life crisis in my forties when I finally realized that I was not cut out for life in a large corporation. This led me to trade a left-brain, analytical approach for right-brained, psychologically oriented human study. I left my job to pursue an advanced degree and eventually a doctorate in Human Development. My Solstice Moment taught me many things, including how much success in business depends on the right mix of analytics and human interaction – something Solstice Digital Agency has mastered. 

Dean has had a widely diversified career, all the time trying to “find himself.” He has had careers as a statistician, a training consultant, a marketing consultant, advertising manager, quality consultant and manager, a management consultant (mostly process reengineering), a professor, and most recently a recovery coach. Not only is he a creative deep thinker, reader, and writer, people close to him often view him as a true visionary. A master of the written word, with two Bachelor’s, two Master’s, and one Doctoral degree, Dean is our resident crafter of articles, blogs, and web page content.


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