Tamara Robb

President of Robb Digital Marketing


As the first employee hired at CooperKatz & Company in 1996, Tamara Robb learned from the best in the business. Mentored by owners Andy Cooper and Ralph Katz (two long-time executives at industry leader Burson-Marsteller), Tamara learned first-hand how to launch, market, and grow a business.

Tamara further broadened her experience by working as creative services manager for Reed-Elsevier, a large publishing company where she co-managed a direct mail division from creative inception to print. From there, she took a position as web project manager for a growing graphic communications agency to learn the interactive side of marketing communications.

To continue her web experience, Tamara joined NJ.com, where she served as an account executive for the largest website in NJ. There, she worked with clients such as Weight Watchers, the New Jersey Nets and the NJ Education Association, helping them get the most from their internet presence when digital marketing was in its infancy.

Most recently Tamara has worked in highly regulated industries such as legal, pharma and financial where it takes specialized knowledge and understanding to navigate the digital space, particularly when executing search and social media marketing. Projects for clients such as Novartis brands Triaminic, Theraflu and Excedrin included SEO and social media.

Today as the President and founder of Robb Digital Marketing, Tamara brings the same leadership, creativity and drive that enabled her to succeed in the corporate business world to her clients and team. With Tamara’s insight and hands-on guidance, companies are employing smart, engaging, highly targeted digital strategies that build strong brands while successfully impacting their bottom line.

Piqued your interest? Contact Robb Digital Marketing at 908-444-6230 to learn more about how Tamara and her team can make a difference for your company!

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