Not Just Another Gratitude Post for Thanksgiving. It is More Like an Actual Thank YOU!


OK, I wasn’t going to write a gratitude post because quite honestly, they are predictable at this time of year and I hate to admit, I find them kind of annoying to read. But then I started thinking about all of the types of “Thankful for…” posts I was prepared to see and it made me realize how much I am actually grateful for when it comes to the business. So here I am trying not to write one of “those” posts…I hope it doesn’t annoy you! It is more of a THANK YOU…

This past October 17th Robb Digital celebrated two years in operation. It went by so quick; I can’t even begin to express how short a time ago it feels like I was deciding whether to move ahead and create this small agency. Instead of listing for you now all of the things I am simply thankful for, I want to share with you the secret that has helped move the business to the great spot it is now, about to finish a fantastic 2013 and poised to launch into a tremendous 2014. Many of you have helped us be in this very spot!

The right people make all the difference. When I started the business in 2011 I assumed I would be freelancing by myself for a while before I could get the backbone of clients to support a staff. I had plans to grow, I just didn’t think it would actually happen quick enough for my dreams. Three months after I opened I was approached by James Nelson who had been referred by a family friend (and one of my first clients). He had a desire to learn and knew I couldn’t offer much more than experience and a great learning environment. Two years later and James has great background in WordPress development, Blogger Outreach, internet research and SEO. He has gone from an intern to a trusted Digital Strategist and Developer.

I was lucky enough to work at a small pharmaceutical digital agency in Montville NJ when it was at the height of its creativity and the team there was a passionate, fun-loving and hard-working crew. I have also been lucky enough to maintain about 10-15 of the friendships from this time and a few of these fantastic folks have been kind enough to refer business to Robb Digital (Kate, Rob, Amelie, we love you guys!). Over the last year these referrals have provided over one half of the total agency fees for the company and we would be remiss if we did not thank those responsible. We are thrilled that you have all trusted Robb Digital enough to refer us.

About six months after we opened my cousin Bill Pittenger and I had a meeting to discuss a partnership of sorts between the web development firm where he is the number 2 guy and Robb Digital. We would bring our SEO capabilities to the table and would help them and some of their clients with their rankings and driving organic traffic to their sites. Since then we have included link building using best practices and some blog writing to their programs. Early on, Bill and the owner of his agency Brandon were important to building a steady stream of client work. Since then Bill even referred his son, Don Conway to our internship program where he is learning digital marketing tactics from the team.

Within a few months of starting the company I called a lawyer named Chuck Whelan after being referred to him by another family friend. I asked him some questions and the conversation was very helpful. He was intrigued by what we do here and a year later he found my info on a Post-It in his office. He called and we have been doing business ever since. We have built several websites for Mr. Whelan, and he has provided important services such as creating our contract. I use Chuck as a business mentor, as he has had his own business for over 20 years and really provides great advice. He has also referred another lawyer Brian Romanowsky, whose site we launched last month!

Did I say the right people make all the difference? If I didn’t mention you here please don’t feel left out! You know who you are, and so do I!

Have a Happy and Relaxing Thanksgiving all. If you are in the Eastern half of the country drive safely out there, and enjoy your time off if you have some. It is well deserved!

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