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Why NOW Is the Time to Transform Your Business – Part I

This week’s 60 Minutes ended with a brief, poetic essay on the approaching solstice — Tuesday, December 21st — the turning point when days in the Northern hemisphere begin to get longer.  The notion of the solstice has been especially meaningful in a year when businesses of all kinds were forced to reach their own turning

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Amazon Competes with Google Ads and Facebook Advertisements

Over the past few years, Amazon has been increasing its attention to advertising on its site. Advertising has become one of Amazon’s largest revenue earners and is expected to quadruple this year’s estimated $10 billion in revenue by 2023. For Amazon, advertising is a small portion of their functionality while for Google and Facebook, it

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Fleets: Twitter’s New Disappearing Tweet Story Feature

Twitter is hopping on a social media trend by introducing its new feature, Fleets, which closely resembles Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook’s Stories features. Snapchat first introduced stories in October of 2013. Following in its footsteps were Instagram and Facebook, releasing their version of the 24-hour posts in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Twitter released its disappearing

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Happy Holidays from Solstice Digital Agency

Well, what a year! We wanted to end things off with this funny video, because, WE NEED IT! The video features some of us dancing, and we have pretty slick moves. Happy holidays to you and yours, and best wishes for an amazing 2021. You all deserve it! Watch the video below: We are giving

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7 Canva Tips For Creating Awesome Images (Updated)

You’ve written a new blog post and now you need to find an awesome featured image. Finding the right picture for your blog post can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Lately, I have been designing my featured images using a handy online app called Canva is a free and easy, must-use

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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 11-20-2020

With the constantly evolving trends in digital marketing, it is important to keep your digital strategy in shape to ensure its effectiveness. Lucky for you, we have searched the internet to find the most recent articles to help you stay on top of things. Each of the following articles touches on the recent advancements or

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Manage Customer Interactions Between Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

Facebook has released updates to Messenger that will allow cross-app communication with Instagram. Included in these updates was Messenger API, which will allow businesses to manage their communications across Instagram and Messenger. This update will allow businesses to connect their Instagram messages with the application that they already use to manage their Facebook conversations. A

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Client Spotlight – Dream Castle Escapes

We are proud to feature one of our most magical clients, Dream Castle Escapes, which is owned and operated by Loren and Blake Schuette. As the late and great Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”, and that’s exactly what this mother-daughter duo did.

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Keeping Plugins Updated and Using a Managed WordPress Host

Why Is It Important That Your Plugins Stay Up-To-Date? Keeping your plugins updated can help ensure that your website is secure and safe from hackers or malware. When your plugins are up to date you are most protected from outside negative impacts that hunt for vulnerable sites. It can also make sure that your data

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Rumors of a New Apple Search Engine Circulate the Internet

Apple product users everywhere know that when you open Safari and type directly into the search bar, Google is automatically chosen as the search engine. But what if that were no longer the case? It is rumored that Apple may be launching their own search engine in direct competition with their long-time partner, Google. Google

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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around The Web 9/11/2020

As the world changes and COVID-19 persistently lingers, technology is making a larger appearance in everyone’s personal and work lives. Digital marketing, an industry that essentially lives on the internet, is necessary for businesses to survive through these changes. Currently, about 40% of Americans are working from home, spending ample amounts of time on the

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