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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still as much an art as it is a science. That’s why our SEO programs are designed for people who care about their organization’s marketing approach, not just its technical execution.

Can we tell you a story?

Our Client is an enterprise healthcare organization

They had a huge challenge. Their pages were not ranking for their world-renowned organizations and programs, so their audience wasn’t finding them. They were missing out on opportunities to reach potential patients and undoubtedly losing them to their competition.

They needed to find a way to optimize their site with informational content that would bring their audience to their site ranking high in the Google search results.

So, we developed a winning strategy.  By creating an SEO plan to optimize current and create new, optimized content on their site for the most relevant and targeted keywords we XXXXXXXXX.

Our plan came together (and we can do it for you!):

  • Performed an audit and determined what content was ranking on and off-site for the relevant key phrases. 
  • Provided extensive keyword research and focused on terms with “Intent”, narrowing keyword list by volume and competition
  • Developed a Content Strategy and SEO Plan that included how to optimize copy, technical SEO, and off-site SEO
  • Created the optimized microsite with relevant and authoritative content

The Results: 10x Increase in Search Visibility in 6 Weeks!*

Within less than 2 months of implementing the SEO plan for the client:

  • The microsite we created was ranking for 279 total keywords
  • There were 736 organic users
  • They went from 157 to 981 page views per month
  • The Google for the microsite went from 25 to 222 total keywords
  • Went from 7 page 1 rankings to 36 page 1 rankings (9 of which come in at #1)
  • 6 featured snippets
    • *Add context about this or screenshot or footnote*
  • 19 “People also ask” 
    • *Add context about this or screenshot or footnote*
  • And 1 knowledge panel 

*These results are not guaranteed. SEO results can happen slowly, or quickly and there are many factors that affect success.

Our SEO services are good for you if you are:

  • Looking to get on the first page of Google organically
  • Looking to get more qualified traffic to your website
  • Willing to work with us as we learn your goals and what makes your business unique
  • Not getting the right keywords to rank for your company and want to change it up
  • Going through a rebranding process and want to start rebranding
  • Committed to great results and know that it will take at least 3 months to start seeing them
  • Ready to partner with us and your web team (we can help if you don’t have one!) to fix the SEO issues we find in our audits
  • Open to pivoting and trying different strategies regardless of what you may have heard or read works for your colleagues and/or competition
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