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An Environmental Compliance Technology company on the West coast was in serious need of some SEO help. Their rankings were dropping like falling trees, and they could not figure out the reason. Eager to solve the problem, they stumbled across our SEO Emergency blog, liked what they saw, and soon became a client. Our end goal was to discover the root cause of their drop in rankings, improve the organic rankings, and increase the organic traffic to their website.


Because the client had exhausted all of their known resources, but wasn’t able to crack the case of the sudden drop in their traffic. We did a little sleuthing and discovered that the site was not installed on the main domain of the website, but in a subfolder (i.e.

Another challenge we faced was the potential penalty for having low-quality links to the site. Also, the site had a poor rating for its site speed. This is a huge ranking factor for Google and other engines and had to be addressed.


The Solstice Digital SEO team did a thorough technical SEO audit to reveal the hidden back-end issues causing the loss in rankings. Going behind the scenes, we found the website was populated with backlinks from China and Israel. Even though the company was aware of those links and most of them were real partner companies that they had relationships with, they looked suspicious to Google’s eyes. Solstice Digital rolled up their sleeves and cut those spammy and low-quality links loose. After cleaning up the link profile, we did fresh keyword research and rewrote the SEO tags and optimized a portion of the content. We also started a link-building process to acquire higher-quality links that would help them to get viewed as an authority in their vertical—where they belong.

Designating the subfolder as the main site was an uncommon occurrence, but at the end of the day, we believe it did not affect the rankings after all.

Finally, we super-charged site speed issues by compressing image files in the home page slider, which improved the desktop site speed from 19 all the way to 75.

The results were impressive. We compared (December and January) vs. (March and April) and we noticed 262.27% increase in organic traffic. Their main keywords are now ranking higher than ever before.

This website was a passion project for Solstice Digital, but especially Tamara. She was a member of the Chamber back in 2002 when she had her first freelance business, Sage Cottage Marketing & Design, when the Chamber office was down in Cranbury. Both businesses have evolved and flourished in the time since.

The proof is in the pudding. Organic traffic immediately soared due to the WordPress CMS we used, not to mention the “masonry” of SEO we put in place before launch. And now, potential members, sponsors. and community members are inquiring, communicating, and thriving through use of this redesigned contact form on a regular basis.


“Our website had disappeared from the search engines, so I went to Google and I put in ‘SEO emergency.’ Solstice Digital came up first in the results with a great blog post about what to do when your site is in trouble…I immediately reached out. They were responsive and understanding of our urgency. Within a week they completed their fixes. We were back on Google a week or so later, getting traffic and business. This solidified our trust in Solstice Digital and we have now been a client now for many years.“

–A.G., Marketing Manager

The Results

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The graphs below represent the Google Analytics organic traffic.

SEO Chart Rescued Falling Rankings
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