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The Importance of NJ Local SEO for Businesses

If you are a small local business, a larger corporation, a non-profit, or a company with multiple locations, it is important to note that having a website that has been properly optimized for local searches and keywords is vital to the overall visibility your organization.

In the rapidly evolving business environment, gone are the days when businesses can ignore their local SEO searches and continue to successfully drive their offline business. Research is indicating that every other Google search is local, thus, emphasizing the need for a business’ local SEO to be its highest priority. That being said, the strategies and tactics used for local SEO are entirely different from the process used for general SEO, and those differences are discussed in further detail in this “Global SEO vs Local SEO” blog.  At Solstice Digital, we encourage any businesses looking to improve its local SEO in NJ and other areas around the US where we serve clients to reach out to us. Our team has accumulated years of industry experience which allow us to thrive in the world of SEO, and in particular, local SEO. Here are just a few of the most important steps Solstice Digital follows when considering how to improve our client’s local visibility:

  • First and foremost, one of the most important steps is to claim and verify your “Google My Business” page
  • Complete thorough and detailed keyword research
  • Optimize the SEO tags and headers for a specific city/town/region etc.
  • Optimize the existing content or add new, fresh content specifically optimized for the location the client wants to target

Prior to the initial call with a new client, our team runs a detailed SEO audit of the business so we have a better understanding of what we are working with. SEO audits give us insight into what has been done on the site previously and historical data from Google Analytics about traffic and organic searches. With this information, we diagnose issues and use established techniques to improve the local SEO and visibility for the business. Following the SEO audit, we set up an initial client meeting to find out more about the business, what kind of business it is, its target audience, where it’s located, and much more. Our goal is to thoroughly understand our client so we can better satisfy the business objectives and implement the SEO changes based on local searches. 

As a local NJ SEO agency, the Solstice Digital team has what it takes to get the job done and transform a business website into one that is going to thrive through visibility, with the help of SEO. Our experience and expertise in the world of SEO makes us the best local SEO company for you and your business needs. If you or someone you know is a business owner, and in particular a business owner in the medical field, you may want to check out our “Local SEO for Doctors” blog.  

We encourage you to reach out to discover how our local NJ SEO company can increase your website traffic, brand awareness, and transform your site to be more mobile- and SEO-friendly. Furthermore, we can assist you in getting more positive reviews from satisfied customers, decrease the bounce rate on your site, and much more. Solstice Digital is here to help you!

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