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Is Yours Turning into Snail Mail…No One Opens it?

Email marketing seems like a dinosaur compared to social media, doesn’t it? But in reality, it’s one of the most reliable sources of digital marketing out there. With the sophisticated email platforms that are currently available, A/B testing is a snap, reporting is robust, and results are impressive…when campaigns are well-thought out and executed. Is yours?

At Solstice Digital, we’ve learned from our years of traditional marketing experience what works and what doesn’t for a variety of industries. We deploy the tried and true methodologies that show consistency over time for best results. We believe in keeping emails simple, relevant and interesting to keep your customers clicking through and coming back for more…more information, more offers, more of what your brand has to offer. It’s that simple.

Our email marketing solutions include:

  • Campaign Development
  • Design and Content Creation
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Topic Suggestions

Want to get your email campaign back on track? Solstice Digital team in New Jersey has the talent and the tools to revive your emails and get your customers reading and engaging with your brand more often! Contact us at 732-486-3111 to find out more.

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