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What Does Solstice Certified Mean?

The word Solstice is much more than a name. A “solstice moment” signifies the turning point met by each of our clients when they partner with us, trusting us to bring them to a new level. Whether it is a complete redesign of their site, or reaching a new audience, the digital marketing strategies we recommend to our clients transforms their business.

The Solstice Certified Seal represents the ultimate standard that we hold ourselves to, from every mouse click to each concept presented. The members of the Solstice Digital team are chosen because they hold dear our values of clarity, purpose, hard work, and passion.

When your project is completed you will know that it is Solstice Certified, and we stand confidently behind that work.

We’re a little different than what you may be used to with other online marketing agencies, and that’s a good thing according to our clients. Building a relationship with Solstice Digital Agency means you can expect that we will:

  • Develop smart, simple, yet effective digital marketing solutions to build your business with a strong ROI
  • Draw upon our traditional experience to develop online strategies that are well-grounded in your brand’s promise
  • Determine the right mix of digital marketing channels that make sense for your specific needs including search, social and display to maximize the impact
  • Value your insight and expertise in your industry and greatly encourage dialogue throughout our engagement
  • Be responsive, dependable, on-task, and on-budget for all projects

Please contact us at our New Jersey location at 732-486-3111 for a free consultation and learn how being our client will result in more online traffic, more sales, and a positive return on investment from your digital marketing efforts.


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