Blogger Outreach

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Blogger Outreach- Digital Marketing Services In NJ
Talk is NOT Cheap, It’s Necessary

Blogger Outreach is a very important and essential part of any digital marketing strategy for all businesses, regardless of size.  Its success primarily lies in its ability to help build your company’s online presence and reputation virally through additional, relevant content.  Whatever product or business you offer to the online and offline marketplace, it is highly likely that other industry experts, journalists and bloggers have a lot to say about it.  Our goal is to make sure they know who your company is, and why they should write/talk about you all over the Internet!

Many bloggers and industry experts are flattered to be contacted or interviewed concerning the topic that interests them and is important to your brand.  Through these valuable connections, more links are created back to your website/business/company and in turn, your rankings on Google/Bing will increase.  It’s a win-win!

Robb Digital has the experience necessary to expand your brand’s sphere of influence by incorporating Blogger Outreach into an existing, or new digital strategy.  Our focus is to:

  • Develop the most targeted blogger list possible for your brand, and product/service
  • Generate ongoing communication that builds long-lasting relationships
  • Design creative events throughout the country (if relevant) that resonate with their readers/your audience

Our team has worked with many CPG clients and others who have enjoyed the success of these highly targeted programs.  Find out how to get started with your own Blogger Outreach by reaching Robb Digital in New Jersey at 732-486-3111.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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