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One of the largest and most respected healthcare systems in New Jersey has been a client of Solstice Digital for years. Solstice Digital became their SEO Agency of Record before there were mergers that grew their organization exponentially. They had originally reached out to us through our website, finding us on Google (yes SEO works!). We went through a pitching process, and finally landed the SEO account for several of their hospitals in 2015. Over the years we became their system-level SEO partner and have provided everything from SEO audits to social media guidelines to strategic, targeted website content. Our relationship with their digital team has grown into a tremendous partnership that both organizations value!


When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March of 2020 the health system had developed and posted several pages of content to serve their patients, families, and potential visitors with crucial information. However, they were directed by internal stakeholders on the content that needed to be presented on the site as the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, without data driving their decisions. We just KNEW that data around the way their website visitors were using that content would be incredibly helpful and instructive. They could make decisions based on what the visitors were looking for, already interacting with on the site, and take out some of the guesswork during an unprecedented time.


Our agency took a risk and created a report for the client without asking if they wanted it…because they were in the middle of handling a healthcare crisis. When discussing the idea of creating this report in our internal team meeting we said, “Let’s ask for forgiveness rather than permission here. It’s something they really need.” 

We knew that having data about this content and the entire section of the site (as it grew) would be very important for helping them create future website copy, blog posts, FAQs, and understanding visitor trends. When the dashboard was sent to the client, they told us that their senior leadership had asked for this information just days before. They were extremely grateful for our initiative and the dashboard has become a useful tool for reporting internally to different stakeholders and making decisions about how to develop and present COVID-19 content to the public.

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